Sleepy head again

For the second straight day, I sacrificed my morning to the sandman. Only this time, it was almost 1 p.m. before I finally got in the shower. Thank god I said I didn’t want housekeeping for my room today, so there was no knocking to distract me. I figured since this was my last full day here, I didn’t need it.

By this time tomorrow, I will be back in Russell eating ribs and bratwurst with my parents; therefore, I’ve got to leave the Overland Park Marriott no later than 8:30, because it’s a four hour drive the other way. I’ve enjoyed Buffalo Wild Wings immensely and will do so again today, but my mother’s cooking is far and away much better. She learned from her mother, who emigrated from Sicily to the United States in the early 1900s. Unfortunately, my mother lost both her parents a long, long time ago; her father died in January 1972, over four years before i was born, and her mother died in March 1992. She’s also lost three of her four brothers; only her twin brother is still alive. She was the only girl out of five children.

By contrast, my paternal grandfather is still alive and kicking at 91, and my paternal great-grandmother lived 17 years longer than the maternal grandfather I never knew. My dad was an only child.

I would skip B-Dubs today, but I have to go and see Liz before she goes on her vacation to Michigan with her mom and boyfriend. That’s a huge step taking a significant other on a vacation.

My mother told me a story about how she wanted to accompany my father to Russell for his grandparents’ 50th anniversary in 1970. Her parents said no way unless they were married. That forced my parents to move their wedding and honeymoon ahead a week in order to attend. My father’s family was threatening not to attend the wedding if it stayed on its original date.

My parents went from not knowing each other to married in 75 days. Then again, this was 1970, when free love was all the rage. They’ve been together for almost 44 years, so I can’t fault them. Honestly, I don’t know how the New Orleans Public School System, my mother’s employer at the time, let her take a week off from her teaching job to go on a honeymoon in October.

Linda Cohn looks great on SportsCenter. Her husband had to be really stupid to divorce her.

About David

I am a sportswriter for a group of weekly newspapers in small towns across northern Kansas. I grew up in New Orleans, went to college at LSU and wandered in the wilderness until Hurricane Katrina finally put me on the path to my current job.

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