Monthly Archives: December 2020

Adios, 2020

2020 has less than four hours to live in the Central Time Zone of the United States and Canada.

Nothing is going to change, except the calendar. Nothing to see here.

I’m going full Porky Pig with this post as it relates 2020 and this blog….THAT’S ALL FOLKS!

The final fifty

The final 50 hours of 2020, at least for Americans in the Central Time Zone, are here.

Again, I keep hearing over and over how bad 2020 has been and how it will be refreshing to put it behind us.

Yes, it has been a bad year. No, it will not be refreshing to put it behind us.

Guess what? Most of those who are afflicted with the terrible coronavirus will still be afflicted with it when 2021 arrives. Those who are battling financial difficulties are not going to see them magically wiped away because it’s a different year. Those who are overweight are not going to magically shrink.

It’s going to take time, lot of time, for the problems of 2020 (and 2019 and 2018 and way back to that) to go away. There will be a lot of problems which will carry through all of 2021, plus new problems which will pop up during the year and persist into 2022. And 2023. And 2024.

I haven’t posted in forever. I’m lazy. Right now, I won’t go on, because I’m fading fast. Sleep is something I need more of. Lots of it. Hopefully, 2020 will be down to no more than 43 hours by time I wake up.

Some random words to show I’m not comatose

Just checking in to tell you I’m alive, if not totally well. The right foot is my Achilles’ heel, and it’s not the heel that’s hurting.

My Thanksgiving was boring, which was good. I ate turkey this year, probably too much, since I had indigestion after all the turkey sandwiches I ate. I passed on the seconds of stuffing and candied yams, but devoured the rest of the fried cauliflower.

I began December stopping by two of my favorites, Imo’s and White Castle, both in Columbia. Imo’s has an Overland Park location, but sadly, White Castle no longer is in western Missouri/eastern Kansas. Whataburger is supposedly coming to Kansas City, thanks to one of its most famous connoisseurs, Patrick Mahomes.

There’s an NFL game in 70 minutes. The Ravens and Steelers were supposed to play on Thanksgiving. Baltimore had COVID-19 issues, and it was moved to Sunday. The Ravens had MORE COVID issues, then it was moved to Tuesday, and then to Wednesday.

The NFL has played only one Wednesday game since 1950, and that was to work around the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Just read on the ESPN crawl where Maryland-Michigan and Kent St.-Miami (Ohio, not Florida) are off due to COVID. That’s football 2020 for you.