Not much to write about

Dear reader,
I apologize for going into Howard Hughes mode for the last three days. It hasn’t been very good for me, and I figured I should not be posting it, per the request of Brittany and Lisa.

The highlight of my week since I last posted Sunday from Garden CIty? A long, long drive north on Kansas HIghway 23. Seriously.

I left Garden City at noon Monday. I drove east on Kansas 156 and decided to go north on K-23, just to do something different. The scenery wasn’t much, just a lot of open fields, but it was something different and more interesting than what would have been if I would have taken K-156 to either US 283 at Jetmore or further east. I could have taken 156 all the way to Great Bend and then turned north on 281, but I figured taking 23 would allow me to see something new and get me to Interstate 70 at Grainfield.

I was home Monday night for the first time since July 21. With the World Series still going on–Monday was a travel day–the hotel rooms in Kansas City, at least those which were available, were outrageously priced. No thank you.

I hate being home on Monday nights. Not only because I miss Buzztime’s The Pulse, but because I also have trouble with my Tuesday workload when I’m at home. I often am later than when I’m in a hotel room, and this was the case again. I could not pull myself out of bed completely until after 9, and that put me behind the 8-ball. Fortunately, junior high stuff was over, and most teams only had sub-state volleyball and regional cross country, so it wasn’t as heavy a load as it would have been last month at this time.

I watched the first part of game six of the World Series, but I turned it off when the Royals scored seven in the bottom of the second. I knew there would be a game seven. And I had the feeling the Royals were going to win because no road team had won the World Series since 1979.

The work on Wednesday wasn’t bad. I needed less than four hours total to get all together once I finally woke from my slumber. The rest of Wednesday was torture. Not only was I stressing over the World Series and what I would encounter in Kansas City if the Royals won, I was totally upset over the upcoming elections. I am scared to death the left-wing candidates will win the big races for governor and U.S. Senate. The two leftists have not offered anything but to oppose everything their opponents stand for. I guess that’s the way progressives operate.

I needed to get out of Russell. I finally did at noon today after packing the car and voting. It’s nice to be back at the Overland Park Marriott. Now I have to get up before sunrise tomorrow and head southwest to Emporia for Smith Center’s latest foray into Class 2A state volleyball. Since it’s an even-numbered year,. I will have tomorrow night to myself. I’ll take that trade.

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Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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