Racing the clock

I was about to blow my streak of posting every day in December to the blog. I realized 40 minutes ago I had to post for today, yet here I am, still dawdling. I had better make this quick.

I spent a long, long time at Buffalo Wild Wings today. Got there at 11:30 after making a couple of stops, and stayed until 9. Very long day. Larry showed up during lunch, and Robb and Dawn came later. That made it a fun time.

However, it wasn’t all good.

I had a meltdown just before 3 when I had a bad game of trivia. Made me realize I don’t know much about some stuff. Embarrassed me. Yet I should not have melted down over a game. I still take it too seriously from time to time.

Before going to Buffalo Wild Wings, I dropped almost $60 at the Hallmark store on Christmas cards. I figured all of the people I have to send cards to. If I have any left over, I’ll use them in 2017.

There is ONE major college football game tomorrow, Army-Navy in Baltimore. The Heisman Trophy will be awarded tomorrow night. Like I care. That award is a joke.

Sorry this is so short, but it’s late. Next time, don’t wait until the last possible second. Yet I do it all the time.

About David

Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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